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Our pepper sauce is made with all natural, only fresh ingredients and no preservatives or additives and gives you the freshest new flavour. The main ingredient is the “Habanero pepper”. Onions, garlic and different spices are added to obtain the unique taste. All ingredients are 100% vegan.


We offer 3 different levels of spice – level 2 is the lowest level and level 4 is for those who like fire. The highest level, level 4 is made from home grown peppers and level 2 contains bell pepper.


You can use our sauce in soups, sauces, on pizzas, hotdogs, tortillas, with veggies, fries rice or any other food to add some tasteful spices to your dish. Our sauce will give your food the extra kick of spice without sacrificing the flavour of the food.


And don’t say we did not warn you: Please consume with caution if you are not used to spicy food!


Please refrigerate/store at 5°C.

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